The Great Outdoors - We love it!

why not see what nature is living right on your doorstep? - See more at: http://blog.centerparcs.co.uk/family-bloggers-may-challenge/#sthash.2QLl7G3G.dpuf
why not see what nature is living right on your doorstep? - See more at: http://blog.centerparcs.co.uk/family-bloggers-may-challenge/#sthash.2QLl7G3G.dpuf
During the last Bank Holiday we had a wonderful day down in Kent at my Uncles property. He lives in the heart of the Garden of England, in an amazing property with equally amazing grounds. It's very peaceful there and an ideal place for us to visit with the monkeys. They both love visiting there and this was one of the things big monkey wanted to do for his birthday. There's masses of space for them to explore and run around in but they especially love the wildlife and animals my relations keep. Sometimes they have pigs and turkeys. However this time we visited they didn't.

The monkeys love feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. My Aunty usually takes them to the chicken's and they help her. Big monkey is especially excited to collect the eggs and show us how many the chickens have laid. Of course we always bring the freshly laid eggs home which taste so much better than any bought in the supermarket. Such a simple task that gives so much pleasure to little ones.

Whilst the monkeys were helping with the animals and playing on the grass I managed to take lots of photo's of them, the wildlife and the lovely flowers growing in abundance in the garden. I've been trying to use our DSLR camera more, so this visit was the perfect place to snap away, safe in the knowledge the monkeys were playing safely and there were enough adults to supervise them, whilst I was stuck happily behind the camera.

My Aunty and cousins have a horse, which big monkey wanted to ride. She's far too big for him to ride at present but he was happy to watch my Aunty get her out of the stables and walk her around. I'm really surprised both monkeys happily stroked her. She's a lovely horse, who had enjoyed an outing early that morning.
We always have such a lovely day there. Weather permitting, it involves a cuppa or two on the patio and lunch in the garden, which consists of a delicious meal, normally cooked by my Uncle. The monkeys tend to try different foods from those they would eat at home, so I'm really happy. After a lengthy family meal, there is usually afternoon tea and cake on offer. The shot below was taken by big monkey whilst us adults were sat on the garden swing seat, with our tea. Obviously at aged six, I helped him to set the camera up. He knew to lay in front of his subject though. I think it's a fab shot!
Rich Heath, Center Parcs seasoned snapper inspired my post. He recommends seeing "what nature is living right on your doorstep". I think you'll agree, in this particular garden there is plenty. This little creature was busy buzzing away whilst we had afternoon tea, so of course I had to grab a shot.
Here are more shots of our fabulous day. I'm so chuffed the monkeys love exploring nature and this is a perfect place to do just that! We love Kent and we love the countryside.

This is my entry into the Center Parcs and Tots100 May challenge. If I'm chosen I would like to visit Elvedon Forest.

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