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This week has mostly been about preparing for big monkeys birthday. I can't believe he is 6yrs old now! Yesterday was his birthday, the last 6 years have flown by. A cliche I know, but they really do grow too fast. So the week has been spent ordering gifts, sorting cakes, writing cards, planning his birthday treat and giving him a birthday to remember. I think he had fun. Birthday post to follow! Here's #days 117-123
#Day117. Sunday, we did a 5k bunny run for charity, with eggs to   find on the route. Big monkey ran a fair bit of it!
#Day118. Monday saw little monkey and I catching up on jobs indoors. I turned round to find him asleep on the floor.
#Day119. Little monkey used a toy fishing net he'd found to 'fish'. He caught some goggles! Then asked me to take this photo!
#Day120. Little monkey has to go into town on the park and ride each week...the black bus. Our new pit stop of choice is the M&S cafe.
#Day121. Healthy dinner for half of us Thursday. The other half chose fish fingers and chips! 
#Day122. Big monkeys 6th Birthday and we got him football themed cupcakes made. He was thrilled. They were so delicious.
#Day123. Winning weekend for the birthday boy! He won player of the match at football practice this morning. Very proud of him. 

Well, there you go. Another week over, but the birthday celebrations continue with a trip to Legoland tomorrow and a visit to my Uncles in Kent Bank Holiday Monday. The monkeys love it there, as he has animals to feed and a tractor on his small holding. Hopefully the weather holds for a barbeque. Click the 365 logo at the top for more #365 round ups.

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