Week 19 Round Up #Project365

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This week has been quieter than last, (well since Tuesday anyway!) Sunday was fab at Legoland for big monkeys birthday last week. We were there until it closed at 7pm, so it was a long day. Bank Holiday Monday was very pleasant too, in the Kent country side at my Uncles house. The weather was stunning and the monkeys made the most of his vast garden and land. A post on that to come! So, back to work and school Tuesday and here we are, already at the end of another week. Here's our photo's for Days 124-130
#Day124. Little monkey asked to drive the cars at the Mini Drivers school at Legoland. I was so proud of him and he loved it! He got his drivers license too.
#Day125. This was taken in my Uncles garden. It's the ideal spot for the monkeys to have lots of fun in. Little monkey is having a quiet moment here.
#Day126. Big monkey, daddy and little monkey were playing with big monkeys Nerf Missile. It whistles when you throw it. They love it! His head is chopped off as I wanted to show the Nerf hovering!
#Day127. A quiet morning indoors and little monkey comes into the kitchen with this large container on his head.
#Day128. Can you guess where he is by that smile on his face?! You're right, the bus! Our weekly trip into town, just for the bus ride!
#Day129. A first attempt at a Bento style lunch for little monkey, which went down very well. Now to add a different variety of foods, in the hope he'll eat them.
#Day130. Big monkey has morphed into a Minion! Both monkeys went to a friends 6th birthday party this afternoon. The cake was awesome!

I have to say I'm loving taking part in #Project365. I hope those of you doing are too?


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