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This week we've been outdoors far more than I'd realised looking at my pick of photo's for #Project365. Sunday saw the monkeys having fun in the garden but sadly I had to leave them to it with Daddy, as I had to go to work. Monday was another warm day and we spent it in the garden again. We've been trying to tidy the garden a bit and get new plants potted, trim hedges and so on. Sadly the grass is very bald in places, that's a job for another time. To be honest, we've not done anything too exciting this week. Just the usual day to day stuff. Big monkey broke up for half term on Thursday. Here's our photo's for Days 138-144
#Day138. The monkeys were having so much fun in the paddling pool that we had been and bought that morning. Last years one had to be thrown.
#Day139. Can you spot little monkey? Hubby thought this was so funny! Note he is filling the paddling pool with water from hose!
#Day140. Another attempt at a #Bento lunch for little monkey. He was chuffed when I handed it to him.
#Day141. Look at that cheeky face! Bet you can all guess where we are in this!
#Day142. We picked up some new plants this day and hubby potted them up. A small attempt to make the front garden a little more colourful!
#Day143. Not another flower photo! This is one of the roses from last week. I took the photo to show how good they were still looking a week in. 
#Day144. This afternoon we took the monkeys to watch Postman Pat The Movie - little monkeys 1st time at the cinema! Of course we had to have ice creams.

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