Week 22 - #365 Round Up

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Half term holidays almost over. I can't believe big monkey only has another half term at school, before finishing year one. My biggest baby is growing up too quickly! 
We've had a fun filled week on the whole, though the monkeys were little devils Friday! Despite the mostly wet weather, we've had little time indoors doing not a lot. Here's our round up for #Days 145 to 151.
Day 145. Selfie before leaving for work! Home alone briefly as the monkeys went out with Daddy for the afternoon.
Day 146. We met friends for lunch at Bluewater and I got an early Birthday present from Mr Monkey. I was so excited to spot these. I'll be wearing them to BritMums!
Day 147. I think it rained all day! We went to friends in the morning, then the monkeys and I set to work making these after lunch.
Day 148. Nana came over and we all went on the bus into town where she bought the monkeys MacDonalds for lunch.
Day 149. We surprised the boys with a bus and train ride to the Olympic Park at Stratford. It's a great place to explore.
Day 150. Big monkeys caterpillars arrived today ready to grow into Butterflies for his butterfly habitat. We're excited to watch them evolve.
Day 151. Sadly an unhappy monkey in the car and very heavy traffic meant I had to rethink our plans today and we diverted off the M25. The monkeys are waiting for a train ride at Wat Tyler Park here. We had been on our way to the Tilda Barn Dance in Kent for The Lullaby Trust.

I hope you've all had a great week!

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