Having a Wobble

So, in less than two weeks time I shall be attending BritMums Live in London and meeting friends and bloggers. Some of whom I've not met before.....well actually most I've not met before. Now, this makes me slightly nervous and very self conscious. You see I've let myself down! I promised myself I would lose weight and I've not. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not massively overweight or anything but I do need to lose some weight, tone up and get fit. Being short only makes me look bigger.
May 2010, a few weeks pregnant with little monkey
I'm not the best at meeting people for the first time as it as, but this is worsened by the fact I've largely been a stay at home mum for the last 6 years, (though I do work one shift a week) and I worry about what others think too much!
Easter 2014
I know I'm probably being silly but I'm having a wobble about seeing the people I've had lots of contact with on line via the blog and social media, and worrying about what they'll think of me. Coupled with not knowing what to wear so that I feel confident and comfortable, I think I'll need a stiff drink or two the night before to ease any nerves. Oh and maybe a paper bag or two!

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