On Ya Bike......

As soon as the monkeys were old enough we felt it was important we teach them to ride a bike, so we used a balance bike, which we'd heard are good for teaching children to ride without the need for stabilisers and basically there was no going back! Not for big monkey anyway. 
He used the balance bike for the first time the month he turned three years old.
Big monkeys first go on his balance bike
After riding on the balance bike a handful of times daddy decided to try him on the pre-loved pedal bike we had been given. The bike was about the same size as the balance bike, and we were amazed when big monkey rode it, first on grass, where he had a few falls, and then as he got more confident, on the path's near to us by the park. People actually commented on his ability and age, for cycling so well so young! He was riding the pedal bike confidently before he turned four. We were chuffed. As was he!
This is him on the pedal bike my parents bought him for his 4th Birthday.
Riding confidently in the woods
So as soon as little monkey turned three we felt it was time to start taking him out on the balance bike we had kept for him. Little monkey wasn't really keen to begin with. He preferred his trike but we've been taking baby steps to let him get a feel for the bike and gain confidence.
Little monkey looking happier with Daddies help
He is a way off being ready to ride a pedal bike yet, but we are taking him out as much as he wants to, and we can't wait for the day we can all go cycling together as a family. Big monkey wears a cycle helmet, as do we when we cycle. Safety is very important to us and we want to teach them how to cycle safely too. We usually stay local and take the monkeys to the park for a bike ride but eventually we'll enjoy taking the bikes further afield, especially now that Daddy and I have new bikes too!
The monkeys and their bikes at the park
Center Parcs spokesperson, Sam Dowsing, Cycle Centre Manager at Elveden Forest, - See more at: http://blog.centerparcs.co.uk/family-blogger-june-challenge/#sthash.fQ3AL3p0.dpuf
The Center Parcs June challenge is cycling. Spokesperson Sam Dowsing says "if your little ones are new to cycling, confidence and practice is key. I’ve found that concentrating on gliding, rather than peddling helps children to balance in the early stages. Taking them to a park is a great, safe place to get them started on two wheels."

We try to go out as much as possible, to build little monkeys confidence. He has already got more enthusiastic about trying the balance bike, as you can see from our recent cycle ride to the park.
Almost ready for the off!
And we're off.....
Bikes set down whilst the monkeys play in the park
Water at the ready for hydration
Always use a well fitting helmet
This is my entry into the Center Parcs and Tots100 June Challenge. If I'm chosen I would like to visit Elveden Forest. Happy cycling!


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