Project365 Round Up - Week 26

This week has been somewhat different to what I expected! Sunday saw us saying goodbye to our butterflies, which was awesome! It was lovely being home with my family again after being at BritMums, and I felt really good about everything. Sadly as the week has gone on, not so much so! Monday was a quiet day indoors, after being busy for us all over the weekend. Tuesday the monkeys and I went to the Dentist and I felt excited about taking little monkey out for the day on Wednesday with friends. Sadly this is where our week went belly up! Big monkey was sick in the night, and he only went back to school Friday. Then little monkey was sick too and I have got their bug also. So this week has mainly been about staying indoors, resting up and avoiding certain bodily fluids. Here's our photo round up for days 173-179.
#Day173. The only butterfly tame enough to sit on daddy's and big monkeys hands.
#Day174. Little monkey insisted he wasn't tired but after a cuddle and lullaby. This!
#Day175. I was so excited to spot this shoot. I had thought my old hydrangea was dead. It's at least 8yrs old, so I'm thrilled it's not.
#Day176. I spotted a single Lily in our garden. I love them.
#Day177. One recovering and one coming down with this D&V bug which has hit 3 out of 4 of us! 
#Day178. Poorly little monkey, who spent most of the day on the sofa with me. 
#Day179. We nipped out to see daddy at work and the monkeys had a little go on some of the equipment! 

How's your week been? As usual we're linking up this post with The Boy and Me.
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