The Incredible Lifecycle Of A Butterfly!

Have you ever grown a butterfly? No, us neither until very recently. Big monkey turned six back in May and one of his presents was a Live Butterfly Garden. Now I'm not quite sure why but I was quite excited about this gift. You send off for five caterpillars, which get sent in the post and as soon as you get them, you need to unpack their container and just sit back and watch them grow!
I must say I was pretty grossed out when the caterpillars reached about 10 x their original size and the pot was full of skin. Yuck! The process where they hang from the lid and turn into chrysalides is pretty awesome though and all along the monkeys took great interest in the changes. The best and most exciting phase was seeing the butterflies come to life. That was truly amazing! They leave their chrysalides just hanging there.......weird but amazing! Those painted lady butterflies are beautiful don't you think? 
Sadly one out of five did not make it into a butterfly but we set four off into the big wide world, which was awesome. 
Three of them were quick to fly off but one, as you can see, hang around long enough for big monkey and daddy to hold before joining it's friends.
We'll definitely be doing this again. It was fab!

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