Week 23 #365 Round Up

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Almost half way through the year! How can that be?! Time flies when you're having fun, hey! Week 23 started with big monkey playing in his 1st ever football tournament. It was great fun to watch, made all the better by the sun shinning of course. He loved it! His team lost two matches and won two. We've another this Sunday! Normal school and work week, so usual stuff going on. Cake eating, bus rides and play dates. Here's this weeks round up. Days 152-158.
#Day152. With his medal for taking part in the tournament. Very proud monkey there! Today was also our 7th Wedding Anniversary.
#Day153. Not sure which are bigger? The grin or the shades? Trying on daddy's sunglasses.
#Day154. Eating cake whilst the monkeys are at school and preschool. A lovely catch up with the school mums too!
#Day155. Big monkey sat quietly designing this car transporter from his pencils and crayons before school.
#Day156. Just had to capture little monkey asleep on his beloved bus. I wondered why it had suddenly gone quiet!
#Day157. Loves Peonies. This one is in our garden. It's opened out in the last few days.
#Day158. By some miracle the rain stop before big monkey's football practice and just about stayed off until the end! It's was rather hot watching!

How's your week been? We're linking up with the #365 project over at TheBoyandMe. See you there!

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