Week 25 Round Up - Project 365

Hello! For me, this week has been all about BritMums Live! I've been buying clothes, getting pampered and packing ready for the big event, then of course, attending and returning home! I can't say I wasn't looking forward to some time to myself away from the hubbub of home! Luckily hubby took two days off work to look after the monkeys. It's been great! Here's my round up for days 166-172.
 #Day166. Father's Day and of course my photo had to be of the monkeys with Daddy. We had a lovely day out. More on that to follow!
#Day167. Monday's is Tag Rugby after school for big monkey, so the monkeys have a quick and easy tea. Of course it had to be on their England shirt plates from Nana with it being the World Cup.
#Day168. I very nearly didn't get these done as I thought the appointment was Thursday. So glad I did though. All ready for BritMums.
#Day169. Little monkey and I went on our usual bus ride and he actually agreed to go into the town park for a change. He fell asleep on the way back again!
#Day170. The dark one is almost ready to 'hatch' into a butterfly. Sadly the one on the tissue is dead.
#Day171. Bloggers arriving and greeting each other at my first ever BritMums live. What a fab venue and weekend!
#Day172. Cheers everyone! Who's attending next year?! 

I've had a great week with my family and then fellow bloggers and friends at BritMums Live 2014. Three butterflies have been born and are ready to set free. I missed them coming to life and boy did I miss my monkeys....all three of them!

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