Woolly & Tig Songs for Wobbly Moments CD - Review

Released on July 7th is a brand new CD for Woolly and Tig fans......Songs for Wobbly Moments!
You'll then be able to download it for £4.99 from iTunes for those fans to sing, dance and jump to.
A fun collection of songs from the TV show on Cbeebies, the 'I love Woolly' theme tune is included.......I bet you'll soon have that tune in your head!
We've been listening to, and jigging alone to the CD! All 20 songs.
The track includes songs 'Funky Dunky' 'Weenie Worries' and 'Cheeky Wee Echo', including others from the show. We love Woolly and Tig and really like this CD.
Why not pop back once it's on general release and let me know your little ones favourite song! Now, I'm off to see if I can stop singing 'I Love Woolly'!! I'm not sure I can.
*All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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