Ahoy There Me Hearty's........

July 6th was a special day for a number of reasons. My Mum turned 65, it was my parents 46th wedding anniversary and we took the monkeys on a 'London adventure'. Where you might ask? On the Thames of course, the Lolli Rodger to be exact. A swashbuckling adventure with children's entertainers Sharky and George, Captain No Beard and Chief Princess.
As official LolliBop bloggers we were invited to a special event aboard to Lolli Rodger to get us in the mood for the very much anticipated LolliBop festival just five weeks away. FIVE weeks away! The monkeys are so excited (as are we)! The trip on the Thames was met with much excitement aswell.
We arrived at Butlers Wharf for a 90 minute long trip right in the nick of time or so we thought. But there were lots of pirates and princess ahead of us getting on the boat, so we joined the party and made our way onto the three deck boat ready to 'set sail'.
Fun and laughter was had with sword fighting, disco dancing, water bomb throwing and party games for the kids amongst us. Every time the boat passed under a bridge the children roared and people above waved. It was packed, it was noisy and bouy was it fun! (See what I did there?!) It was certainly an afternoon to get us in the spirit for what is to come at LolliBop in August. After we had walked the blank to get off at the end, and said our goodbyes to friends, the monkeys, Daddy and I made the most of our afternoon in London to go and eat and take in the immediate sights.
We hope to see you at LolliBop August 15th-17th at Hatfield House. You have to be there or be square! 
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