Galt - Mini Masterpiece By Big Monkey

Big monkey is pretty keen on art and loves putting his creative side down on paper, so when Galt Toys asked me if he would like to take part in their ‘Mini Masterpiece’ series, (6 templates from famous works of art that little ones can print and decorate themselves, to create their very own mini masterpieces) I felt he would enjoy it. The theme this time was ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt and we were sent a set of colour by numbers pen paints and cards to get him in the mood and ready to take part.
Usually he is keen to cover every bit of the paper, this time though he has focused on 'less is more'. I'm liking the blank black and white sections against the coloured in bits. All his own work and pretty neat for a six year old.
What do you think to his finished piece? It's a pretty intricate piece don't you think!

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