Time Away

Hubby and I have been saying for a long time that we should take a break and get away for a few days alone. Now of course, some would say it's wrong to want a break from the kids and others however, have lots of time apart from the children, but it was more a case of needing the time away! Like many couples, we rarely get time to ourselves (and rightly so, the monkeys come first), but we were needing time out, time to recharge our batteries and time to spend together without little people. So last Friday, whilst the monkeys were looked after for the weekend by my parents, we took ourselves off to Suffolk. Just for two nights. Two nights to catch up on sleep, have a meal out together, relax in our surroundings and just do what we wanted. 
We stayed in a B&B called Camomile Cottage that we had previously been to before the monkeys came along and had such a lovely time. Greeted with afternoon tea and cake in the garden on our arrival, we later chose the same room we had stayed in before. There are only two! The breakfast menu was left out for us to make our selection for the following mornings meal, and then our time was our own. It was nice to just sit and relax in the country garden without interruption!

Saturday was spent in Southwold, one of our favourite places to visit. We've taken the monkeys there several times. The weather was glorious! After our day, shopping, drinking and having afternoon tea there, we returned to the B&B to relax in the garden again. 

Sunday we reluctantly booked out with a promise to visit again soon and not to leave it seven years this time. On our way back home to the monkeys, who were having a fab time with Nanny and Grandad, we visited the Sausage and Beer Festival at Jimmy's Farm near Ipswich.
Originally we had planned to attend as a family but when the weekend away was booked, we decided the festival would be a perfect place to spend the day on our way back home. It was so well organised and so family orientated. A definite must for next year with the monkeys of course! Food stalls, beer and sausages were a plenty. The farm was still open as usual so of course the animals were there and there were cookery demonstrations, live music and so much more. A great day out and highly recommended.
We did miss the monkeys, especially on the Sunday at the farm, and they of course missed us too, but I think it did us good to have the break. Their faces were a picture when they saw we were home as they arrived back that night from a day out with Nanny and Grandad. It was really special to see them both again and have lots of kisses and cuddles.

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