Week 29 #365 Round Up Post

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Just a few more days at school then little monkey will no longer be one of the smallest at Preschool when he returns in September. Big monkey will be in year two. How that has happened so quickly I do not know! My babies are growing up far too quickly! We've had Sports Day round two this week. VERY hot weather, so we've been spending limited time outside unless in the shade. A large family picnic at big monkeys school. Here's our Week 29 post: Days 194-200
Day 194. Just as we pulled up at the park late afternoon, little monkey fell asleep in the car. He slept quite a while too!

Day 195. Big monkey took part in cup stacking during his sports day at school. That's a new one on me!

Day 196. Little dude asked us to put his cap on back to front. This is his pose for the camera!
Day 197. Playing 'shops' with MumBucks and wearing shades upside down before school.
Day 198. Keeping cool indoors and glued to Ben and Holly just after daddy made him a train track.
Day 199. Big monkey striking his haka pose for school, wearing the New Zealand flag colours for their Commonwealth picnic.

Day 200. These two monkeys have been having fun at soft play today!

I'm hoping the next few days are cooler and the thunder storms soon go away! How has your week been?

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