We're Taking Part In Potty Training Live 2014 With Dry Like Me!

It's no secret that little monkey is still not potty trained. I would have liked him dry last summer when he was 2.5yrs old but he just wasn't ready! Now at 3.5yrs old I'm certain he is ready but he refuses point blank to even try. I saved big monkeys Thomas the Tank Engine potty, even the matching toilet training seat. I've bought a new potty (with little monkeys input) and I've bought potty training books and new 'big boy' pants. He flatly refuses to try. 
Now, I'm hoping with the help and support of Potty Training Live I can crack this potty training lark and get him dry during the day in the next few weeks or so. The programme runs for four weeks.
Potty Training Live has been designed by Jude and Di, creators of award winning potty training pads Dry Like Me. Last year they helped over 800 families to potty train throughout the summer, and this year, they are hoping to help more too! I'm sure they can help us as well!
Potty Training Live helps guide parents and carers through the stress and mess of potty training.
They will help break potty training down into the key stages and hand hold participants through each stage. Be available to answer questions and will also help to share experiences with others in the same position. They have also organised some competitions and guest bloggers to help make potty training a pleasure, not a boot camp!
"Your child may or may not be fully trained by the end of the four weeks, but they should be making good progress and you will be armed with information and tips to make sure you achieve success and stay sane throughout the process!"
"Potty training is a major milestone and getting dry should be celebrated not endured. Hopefully Potty Training Live! will help you make this happen".

We've signed up and have been sent some Dry Like Me pads to pop into little monkeys pants and I'll be keeping you updated about his (and my) progress! I'll be reviewing the pads too.
I'm sure it wasn't this hard last time round but hey, they are all different aren't they!
Wish us luck won't you! If you want to sign up too please click here. Dry Like Me are on Facebook too and you can follow them on Twitter also.

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