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Project 365 Weekly Round Up 35

The penultimate week of the school holidays and it's been a quieter one. More indoor play this week due to some wet weather and me working three shifts, but the monkeys have still had fun! Here's our week 35 round up for days 236 to 242
Day 236. Noticed this 'heart' in the top of the coffee hubby made. Sheer conincidence I hasten to add! 

Day 237. Playing tea parties and picnics with little monkey. It rained all day Monday.

Day 238. Little monkey loves his new plimsolls for Preschool PE and insisted on wearing them around the house, even when in his PJ's!

Day 239. Sultry 3yr old going of on 'Holiday' with his packing! 

Day 240. We met friends for the day and took all the kiddies tenpin bowling. The monkeys loved it. Big monkey took it upon himself to carry the balls over to the ramp for his fellow players, most of which were girls. So gallant of him, bless him.

Day 241. An evening out with the girls. The Pimms went down very well! 

Day 242. A late afternoon trip to Southend Pier for us all. The train was a hit with the monkeys and dinner out afterwards was too.

Just a few days left of the holidays then big monkey goes into year two and little monkey gets his fifteen hours at Preschool. Come next Friday I'll have no idea what to do with myself! 
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July Parragon Book Buddies Book - Review

We've had another book by award winning author Margaret Wise Brown to review. This one is called 'Away in My Aeroplane'! This is another highly illustrated picture book from the fab guys at Parragon Books, sent to us as part of their book buddies scheme.
A story about flying high in an aeroplane, waving to the sun and shouting to the rain! A rhyming fun and lighthearted story for children to enjoy. Each page has just a few words and fantastic drawings by Henry Fisher, award winning designer, art director and children's book illustrator. Big monkey can easily read this delightful book and both monkeys have enjoyed listening to the story being read to them. We really like this lovely story. It really helps to open up the readers imagination, taking them into a world of make believe.
This book can be purchased from Amazon with a RRP of £5.99
Parragon Books are on Instagram and Pinterest. Do you have a little bookworm?


Losing His First Tooth!

It's been a long time coming but today there was much excitement in the house! Big monkey lost his first tooth. He was so pleased bless him. For months now, he has been asking when he might lose a tooth? His classmates and friends had generally all started to lose theirs months ago. Not him though! On our last visit to the dentist, we were informed big monkey already had 3 of his adult back teeth, and up to three loose baby teeth, but they have clung on! 
His response today. "Mum, mum, my tooth's come out!......that means I get some money!" Oh, yes, of course it does son! He has written to the tooth fairy and left his tooth under his pillow with the letter, and as usual fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. I wonder how much the tooth fairy will leave for his first tooth? £2, £1, 50p? I suppose it depends how generous she is feeling! 
Now, tooth fairies aside, big monkey is of course chuffed he has lost his first tooth. I am too, but oh so slightly sad that he is another step further to growing up!! 


Week 34 - Project 365

The summer holidays are soon over but this last week we've been away and had lots of fun, doing something a little different from the norm! The monkeys, daddy and I went to LolliBop and then I took the monkeys on my parents boat for a few days. We only went to the Milton Keynes area but there was so much to see and do there. I hope I've tried to capture some of our antics. Here's our round up for days 229 - 235
Day 229. The monkeys enjoyed some sand play at the Vita Coco Kids beach at LolliBop last Sunday. We had a fab day out.

Day 230. The scenery outside my parents narrow boat on waking Monday morning. 

Day 231. Big monkey wanted to go on the trampolines at Willen Lakes Tuesday afternoon. There is so much to do there.

Day 232. And Pull. Holding the boat in whilst we fill the tank with water. Of course they knew it was tied up!

Day 233. And race. Pretend play on the motorbike at the park.

Day 234. Keeping quiet playing with Party Rings at the picnic.....he was meant to be sharing them out! 

Day 235. Just about to throw himself into a backwards somersault. So chuffed he finally mastered this today.

Lots of outdoor activity this week and fresh air too! The project 365 has been so much fun to join in with and I'm hoping it remains so. Linking up with The Boy and Me, why not take a look and see who else has joined in too.
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Lollibop 2014

Last weekend we attended the long awaited and highly anticipated LolliBop Festival at Hatfield House. Being ambassadors for the first time this year, we have been privy to all the insider information prior to the big weekend, so were keen to attend and see for ourselves just how cool the 2014 kids festival would be. We were not disappointed!
We drove to the venue, about an hour from us, up the A1 M to Hatfiled. Yellow AA roadsigns directed us right to the car park, where we parked in the main car park before moving just a little way, over to the VIP carpark, for which we had been given tickets. Situated right by the entrance to LolliBop, the parking was perfect. 
As you may already know from my previous posts, the venue is new to LolliBop and I think it was just perfect. Lots more space, plenty of grass to sit and picnic, stalls, food outlets and stages spaced out more and it just had a good feel about it.
We decided not to have a plan to the day, just to take it as it came and be led by what the monkeys wanted to do. Our first stop, we collected our Brandon Wagon which we were kindly lent for the day. Then we wandered to the main stage to catch Alex Winters and Poppy Cat.
We then had a mooch around, and still early, so quiet, the monkeys got to have a play with the wagon and take turns sitting in it then pulling it along. It proved invaluable using it to carry our picnic and bits and bobs around all day!
We were given samples of Haribo sweets, Pom Bears, and Vita Coco drinks, plus there were numerous places to get all sorts of different food. I can't comment on that, as we only bought ice creams all day! 
Little monkey was very keen to see Thomas and Friends, so we headed over. Unfortunately, once we got there the heavens opened! Luckily though, we were able to shelter under one of the Thomas tents, where the monkeys played in the ball pools and stayed as dry as we could until the clouds past over. Soon after we met friends, Liz and girls from Hart of the Munckin Patch, Clare and family from Emmy's Mummy and AK and family from My Buggy Junction. We spotted other well known bloggers too during the day, which was lovely. 
The VIP and press area was awesome. An area designated for people who had upgraded to VIP tickets, bloggers and press, it had a disco bar and tent, outside seating, face painting, sand pit, toilets, food outlet and meet and greet area. Plus the press tent, where press and (bloggers) could sit and use wifi, have a tea or coffee and general chit chat. 
We queued very briefly for meet and greets three times, met and had our photo's taken with Andy Day, Mr Bloom and The Fat Controller. This was met with much excitement by non other than Mr monkey (mostly) and little monkey too! A great perk of being an ambassador, rather than queuing in the main area with the general public.
Mr monkey spent a fair amount of time at the Kia stand lusting over the Kia Sportage. This meant the boys were happy using the Kia bouncy castle and putting their painting skills to good use at the tables and easels at the stand too. 
After that we headed to the main stage with the intention of seeing Justin, but having sat right near the front on the grass for quite some time, waiting for him to come on at 3pm, the monkeys got fidgety and it was getting crowded, so we headed away to make use of the Vita Coco Kids beach area and the Skylanders area. I have to say the Skylanders area was the most disappointing area of the day for us, as big monkey had no idea what to do in there and couldn't get the game he was trying to play to work. Maybe that was just us though, having not played it before!
Later we met up with Clare and Liz again, over in the Pom Bears picnic area, where the monkeys and the other kiddies played in the colourful sheds amongst the trees and had fun running around. Then it was back to the VIP area for our final meet and greet of the day.
Finally right near to the end of the day, after arranging to keep our Brandon Wagon, we took the monkeys to the Little Tikes play area, where they most enjoyed using the Cosy Coupes around the track.
We left very tired but very happy after a fab day at LolliBop, and really hope to be there again next year. The venue was just right in my opinion. We had no issues getting out of the car park and found our way back to the main roads with no problems either. If you've never taken your children to LolliBop, you really should! There is so much more to see then we did and perhaps more than one day is needed to cover it all.  
See you all there next year! We can't wait! 

*As a LolliBop Ambassador we were given family tickets for the day. All thoughts and opinions are my own*.
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