Haliborange - Product Review

For a while now (when we remember), we've given the monkeys a daily dose of mulitvitamins. Neither of them are the best at eating fruit and veg, especially little monkey, so we felt a little food supplement wouldn't go a miss. They are fortunately very active and generally healthy, but we wanted to try and ensure that continues. 
Recently they have been trying the Haliborange range of multivitamins from Seven Seas. The liquid version for little monkey and the fruit softies for big monkey.

Little monkey doesn't like the soft chewy version of multivitamins so at 3.5yrs he still has the liquid form and happily takes a daily 5ml dose of it. It helps maintain healthy immune defences and healthy bones and teeth. Has a delicious orange flavour and contains 9 essential vitamins including vitamins C and D, which are vital for good health. Suitable from 1m +, it comes in a 250ml size bottle.
For ages 3-12 yrs, these multivitamins support healthy growth and development. They contain 8 essential vitamins and are orange flavoured. Big monkey takes one a day. Each bottle contains enough for a month. Often big monkey has to remind us he needs his vitamin.....it just goes to show he likes taking them and likes the taste!
We can't say hand on heart that these vitamins are helping or not, but we feel better knowing the monkeys are taking them and are happy to do so! I'm hoping little monkey will soon switch to the fruit softies and of course I shall consider giving big monkey something more if and when he needs it to help with his concentration and learning at school when he is older.
Did your children have multivitamins? What are your thoughts on them? I'd love to hear.

*All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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