Potty For Peppa Pig!

The last time we went to Paultons Park, home to Peppa Pig World was two years ago back in August 2012. Little monkey was only nineteen months old, so we wanted to take him again, that little bit older. Now three and a half years old I would say he is the perfect age. However at aged six years I feel having just recently spent the day there again, that perhaps big monkey is now on the cusp of being too old for the rides in Peppa Pig World. He did go on the rides and enjoy them however.
We've always felt Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World are pitched perfectly for families with younger children. There is something between the parks for all the family. 
Since we last went Paultons Park have improved the entrance area vastly. There is now a fab paved area right next to the carpark, in front of where the ticket kiosks are, along with toilets and fountains. Then you walk through the turnstiles under a big arch into the park. Right there either side of the archway is a fab new building, housing a new eatery and huge toy shop. It makes the park look more up to date and looks great. Lots of attention to detail to give kiddies a taster of what's to come. The 4D theater is new to us too. Unfortunately we didn't get time to go inside it.
We arrived about ten minutes before the park opened, and despite traffic streaming into the carpark, we parked easily, and didn't queue at all at the entrance. We already had tickets thanks to a competition win. If you get the younger children of your party measured once just inside the park, if they reach over the minimum height for the rides in Peppa Pig World, they get a wrist band to wear, so there's no more measuring at the individual rides. 
Of, course we headed straight to the Peppa Pig end of the park after first having a quick pit stop in the new cafe. Having set off from home early, we hadn't had breakfast! 
The park got busy as the day went on but not as busy as I've seen it in the past, so the longest we found ourselves queuing for was 30 minutes. That was for George pigs dinosaur adventure. During the day, we went on everything we wanted to. Not Miss Rabbits helicopter ride or the Hot Air Balloons as little monkey didn't want to. I think he was a little frightened of the height. We took the monkeys on the train ride just outside Peppa Pig World, which they both love and we popped to see the penguins too. Last time we had visited big monkey missed out on going on the Go Carts in Paultons Park due to the height restrictions. He was gutted, so we made sure he was measured this time and he and Daddy went on them. The gardens are lovely there too, so we had a wander through them and of course the monkeys also played in Spaceship soft play area back in Peppa Pig World. 
Throughout the day, we encountered only polite and helpful staff. Plentiful and clean toilets and baby changing facilities. The food outlets are priced similarly to other theme parks. We spent about £25 on drinks and lunch for the four of us.
My only gripe would be that to leave at the end of the day, you go through the toy shop at the front of the park. Now, we had already decided the monkeys could have a small gift each, so that was OK but it was just far too busy in there, what with everyone leaving together when the park closed. They did get something, but I felt it was a little worrying that potentially we could lose them in the crowds, and of course there could be tears and tantrums! Luckily this was not the case for us. 
We love Paultons Park and especially Peppa Pig World. I will be quite sad when the monkeys are too old to visit again!
I wrote this post purely because I wanted to share how great our visit was. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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