Project 365 Weekly Round Up 35

The penultimate week of the school holidays and it's been a quieter one. More indoor play this week due to some wet weather and me working three shifts, but the monkeys have still had fun! Here's our week 35 round up for days 236 to 242
Day 236. Noticed this 'heart' in the top of the coffee hubby made. Sheer conincidence I hasten to add! 

Day 237. Playing tea parties and picnics with little monkey. It rained all day Monday.

Day 238. Little monkey loves his new plimsolls for Preschool PE and insisted on wearing them around the house, even when in his PJ's!

Day 239. Sultry 3yr old going of on 'Holiday' with his packing! 

Day 240. We met friends for the day and took all the kiddies tenpin bowling. The monkeys loved it. Big monkey took it upon himself to carry the balls over to the ramp for his fellow players, most of which were girls. So gallant of him, bless him.

Day 241. An evening out with the girls. The Pimms went down very well! 

Day 242. A late afternoon trip to Southend Pier for us all. The train was a hit with the monkeys and dinner out afterwards was too.

Just a few days left of the holidays then big monkey goes into year two and little monkey gets his fifteen hours at Preschool. Come next Friday I'll have no idea what to do with myself! 
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