Week 33 Round Up - Project 365

Week 33 and we've had a quieter one! I've done three shifts at work, so Daddy has been entertaining the monkeys. Weather permitting, they've mainly been to the park. We're preparing to spent time on Nanny and Grandads boat, so some organising has been done this week too. Hope you like my pick of photo's for days 222- 228
Day 222. Before I left for work I caught all my boys watching something they were obviously engrossed in!

Day 223. Playing together nicely with a new Thomas Megabloks set we got for little monkey.

Day 224. Enjoying a homemade scone at the coffee morning whilst the monkeys were off playing.

Day 225. The monkeys caught the end of the first taste of Glee on TV and were glued to it. Both love singing and dancing!

Day 226. Big bro giving little bro a piggyback.

Day 227. Nana's 70th and the monkeys just had to blow out the candle on her cake with her.

Day 228. I recently won these shoes Hotter on Twitter and they arrived today. Just in time for Nana's 70th birthday meal tonight! I'm pleased to say they fit perfectly too.

Next week is all about our time with Nanny and Grandad. I hope you can join me again for my round up!

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