Week 34 - Project 365

The summer holidays are soon over but this last week we've been away and had lots of fun, doing something a little different from the norm! The monkeys, daddy and I went to LolliBop and then I took the monkeys on my parents boat for a few days. We only went to the Milton Keynes area but there was so much to see and do there. I hope I've tried to capture some of our antics. Here's our round up for days 229 - 235
Day 229. The monkeys enjoyed some sand play at the Vita Coco Kids beach at LolliBop last Sunday. We had a fab day out.

Day 230. The scenery outside my parents narrow boat on waking Monday morning. 

Day 231. Big monkey wanted to go on the trampolines at Willen Lakes Tuesday afternoon. There is so much to do there.

Day 232. And Pull. Holding the boat in whilst we fill the tank with water. Of course they knew it was tied up!

Day 233. And race. Pretend play on the motorbike at the park.

Day 234. Keeping quiet playing with Party Rings at the picnic.....he was meant to be sharing them out! 

Day 235. Just about to throw himself into a backwards somersault. So chuffed he finally mastered this today.

Lots of outdoor activity this week and fresh air too! The project 365 has been so much fun to join in with and I'm hoping it remains so. Linking up with The Boy and Me, why not take a look and see who else has joined in too.
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