We're getting there!

You may have read we've signed up to potty training live with Dry Like Me? Well initially little monkey agreed to wearing pants with the Dry Like Me pads inside and everything seemed good to go! He wore them (which was great in itself, as he had been refusing to wear anything other than a pull up for a very long time), but he used the pads and pants as he would have his pull up. Not a problem, as we assumed this was just a natural progression before using the potty! 
After 1-2 days we were met with refusal and much upset on his part to continue wearing them. He really was set on the pull ups ans was just so upset. So pull ups it was again!
Now call it failure on our part or not, I did feel frustrated and bad about letting him have his own way but I just couldn't see how he would use the potty if he was so distraught and distressed over the non use of his pull ups. So we kind of came to a stale mate. 
I got in touch with the experts at Dry Like Me and they asked me to leave it with them. Within a day or two the team had got back to me and basically said at 3.5yrs of age he was old enough to know how to use the potty and wise enough to know how to work mummy so he got what he wanted! 
Not one to be outsmarted by a preschooler I decided Monday was the day to really go for it and get this monkey on the path to potty training my way. 
Wearing the pads and pants after initial upset over wanting his pull up on again, he finally came around to the idea (with time to digest I was not backing down). He continued on the same theme as before, tentatively wetting his clothes and making a slow step to trying the potty. This is further than we have got before! By lunch time one use of the potty and much celebration and praise from us, he is now (on day 2) weeing often on the potty and doing a little celebratory dance of his own each time he performs! 
For now he has only done a wee on the potty and will only use the potty if semi naked. We went out today and I took him in pants and shorts but he soon wet those on our arrival, so wrongly or rightly I put him in a pull up which I removed as soon as we got back home. He used that time in a pull up to do a poo! I've lost count of the number of wee's he has done but am delighted we seem to be getting somewhere. This monkey has used his comfort zone as a buffer too long!
I'm hoping to pop back soon and give you more news on his progress.

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