Zizzi's New Summer Bambini Menu - Review

The monkeys love Italian food, pasta being their favourite. So imagine theirs and our delight when the fab folk at Zizzi's invited them to try their new kids summer Bambini menu. Obviously we were invited too! The Bambini menu is just £6.75 for 3 courses (a starter, main and desert) and a chocacino. 
I arranged for us to eat at the Chelmsford Zizzi and booked the table for 17.30 so that it wasn't too late for the monkeys.
We were greeted with a warm welcome on our arrival. The staff knew who we were as we sat down at our table which was set all ready for us. The staff were very attentive and quickly took our drinks order, before returning to take our food order. They had left Crayola twistable crayons on the table for the monkeys along with their menus which doubled as activity sheets to help keep them entertained. Very shortly after sitting down the monkeys starters arrived for them to nibble on. Carrot Sticks, Cucumber batons and dough sticks. All great for keeping little one's hunger at bay until their mains arrive.
After we had all had our starters, the mains arrived. Both monkeys chose the 'mini pasta'. They had pomodoro sauce on spaghetti. Both of them cleared their plates. I had the spaghetti bolognese which is the tastiest I've ever had and hubby had the spiedini pescatore (king prawns, salmon, sea bream, peppers and courgettes served with new potatoes. He said it was delicious. It certainly looked it.
Next came desert, which couldn't be missed really could it! Both monkeys chose to have the Zizzi Bambini cones, where they make their own from vanilla ice cream, three mini sugar cones and chocolate popping candy. Both thought this was fab and so exciting! In the meantime their baby chocacino's had arrived, which they also thought exciting! 
I had the most amazing tiramisu, which I could not leave despite being comfortably full and hubby had the chocolate and banana calzone. 
We were all really delighted with our meal. The food was so good, the waiters regularly checked all was OK with our meal and the whole meal experience was just lovely. The bambini menu is just right in terms of portion sizes, choice of food and the little added extra's that go with it. All for such good value too. I especially liked how the monkeys cutlery was children's sized and not plastic. The monkeys were given balloons, they had the use of the crayons and their 'artwork' on the back of their menu's could be submitted into a national competition if they wished. 
A fantastic menu, to suit most likes (including vegetarian and gluten free). Zizzi is a fab family orientated eating place, with fun and great food in mind! My kind of place really. The monkeys loved it too.....they loved designing their own ice cream desert, using the crayons and stickers to create a masterpiece at the table and leaving at the end of a lovely meal, full of their favourite food! 

Inspire your kids creativity this summer by trying out the new Bambini menu. You can find your local restaurant here. Share your kid’s creations using #ZizziBambini 

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