Pitch and Putt Monkey Style

Big monkey has is a keen lover of crazy golf and pitch and putt too. He has been before with daddy and thoroughly enjoyed himself, so today we took both monkeys to a local pitch and putt yesterday. Little monkey went recently with friends and they said he loved it. Both monkeys had a good go of playing nine holes and there was no cheating (well not a lot)! Little monkey's trick is to take a tee shot and then pick his golf ball up and take it to the green to either place it in the hole or have a go at putting it in the hole! Considering he is only three this is OK with us! Big monkey likes to try and play as you should do and gave it a good go, though he did lose one bright orange ball. All was not lost though as we found two white ones!
I have to say, we had a great time, and to be honest I wasn't keen to go along at first. I'm glad I did though. We had fun and even I had a go.

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