Second series of Poppy Cat comes to Nick Jr

As fans of Poppy Cat we are delighted that she returns to our screen on Nick Jr at 9am every weekday from September 8th. Welsh actress Joanna Page is the voice of the popular pussycat. Her daughter Eva is fascinated with the character. Joaana loves voicing the orange cat. What an awesome job! 
The new episodes include Gloopy Ponds, Giant Toothbrush and Jigsaw Puzzled, jammed packed fun adventures. Old favourites return in the new season of shows plus over fifty new characters, including Ozzy the Octopus and Ernie the Platypus! Fifty! That's a whole load of new characters to get to know!
Preschool children love Poppy Cat and her friends in their adventures which open up their world of imagination and play. Little monkey especially loves playing with his mini plush Poppy Cat and his mini figures. He often acts out senarios! We have the Poppy Cat magazine too, which see stories, activities, free gifts and stickers in it for him to work through. Who's your favourite Poppy Cat character? Our's has to be Poppy Cat!
Basically Poppy Cat is about making everyday advetures extrordinary!
Why not pop back here after the new seasons starts and let me know which new character you like! We're going to be watching!

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