Thanks - You were so helpful!

This post might seem a strange one but I just wanted to share my gratitude to a lady who was so helpful and friendly the other day! I work with children with disabilities, and took a young man out to an activity the other day. Afterwards we went to a well known fast food chain, so that he could have dinner.
We ordered, got his meal and sat down.....but I'd forgotten ketchup and napkins. One of the hostess staff overheard me ask him if he wanted ketchup and offered to get it for him. Then when she returned with it, she asked if we needed napkins. Kindly she went and got some. She said to shout if we needed anything, anything at all.
The young man finished his meal but was looking for more, so I asked him to stay where he was sat and went to the counter to order the same food again. He was fine, as he was sat right behind me, but the lady who had helped before came over and insisted she get his food and pay for it with the money I had in my hands. 
She really did bend over backwards to help and was so lovely too. 
It struck me, how often people are quick to complain and don't say when things have gone well. So the point of this post is to say.....thank you to that very kind member of staff. You really did make my day. It's so refreshing to see.
Flower Thank you

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