Week 37 #365 Round Up

Week 37 has been busy but pretty ordinary to be honest! Football practice for big monkey, breakfast with friends, school runs, work, a ride to town on the bus, sorting and selling the bits the boys have grown out of! More football practice and of course blogging! Here's my #365 photo's for days 250 to 256.
#Day 250. Playing in the park whilst big bro plays football.
#Day 251. Joined by this fella whilst I had some Mummy time with friends for breakfast.
#Day 252. Look at his face on the 'black bus'.
#Day 253. Daddy just arrived home from work and we pretended we didn't know! 
#Day 254. Trying out big bro's scooter on the school run home.
#Day 255. All ready to go to it's new home. Busy sorting and de-cluttering now little monkey is at Preschool more.
#Day 256. Having 'a go' on one of the rowing machines at daddy's work, after big monkey played football for his new team!

How has your week been? I have to say I'm pretty tired now and need to relax before starting all over again next week! 
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