#365 Weekly Round Up - Week 40

Another warm week here. I can't believe we're still walking around in tee shirts! The monkeys are still in shorts too. Think it's set to change though soon! I'm starting to think about their Christmas presents now and might soon start buying things. Here's a round up of my #365 photo's for this week. Rather ordinary to be honest! Ooh, except the first one! Cake anyone? 
Day 271. Scrumptious cakes, patisseries and deserts. We went for a delicious afternoon tea.
Day 272. There, that's better. Sorted lots of toys and gave the conservatory a good tidy and clean.
Day 273. Someone has recently taken a keen interest in undressing and dressing himself! This he found very funny!
Day 274. We popped to the shops for toy money! He keeps losing mine! 
Day 275. Hey you! I'm playing with the Bat Cave! 
Day 276. I noticed this lonely flower in our garden and thought it looked like the sunshine! 
Day 277. What a beautiful start to the day. At a fab park near Romford to watch big monkey in another match. Shame it has rained most of the day since!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and have grabbed some great photo's for your #365 project?
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