He must be Joking!

So today I asked big monkey again what he would like from Father Christmas? Up until now he has said he would like a Liverpool football kit! Fair enough, I think Father Christmas can manage that! Today though after saying that again, he decided to write a quick list in his note book. After he had finished he read out what he had put. It's safe to say the cheeky 6yr old will not be getting even half of the bits on his list! I do hope when they big day comes, he won't be too disappointed! 
Here's a run down.....

Fifa 15 
Fifa 12
XBox DS? AND XBox 1
Roller Skates
A Skateboard
Lego City Police Station
Loom Bands
Football boots
Liverpool t shirt
Astro turf trainers

He has Fifa 14 for his Wii mini already, what's different about 12 and 15?! He is far too young for an XBox. He already has roller skates which he has only used a handful of times. Daddy feels he is too young yet for a skateboard! We've got him the Lego Fire station, that will have to do! He had a new bike and scooter last Christmas and does not need anymore loom bands! He already uses our iPad so why would he need one of his own? The football boots, and kit we can do! 
I'm only assuming some of these things are what his friends are getting and they've been talking in the playground! 
Luckily little monkey only wants one type of thing and that's  trains!! 

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