Helping the monkeys to be happy and healthy - Healthy Eating

Having a husband who is in the health and fitness industry it’s very important to us that the monkeys are happy and healthy. One of the most challenging aspects of keeping them healthy is getting them to eat fruit and vegetables and have a balanced healthy diet. Now in year two the eldest will eat some veg and tries others, he also eats a lot of fruit but our youngest eats a very limited amount and no where near the recommended five a day! Trying fruit with his friends at Preschool at snack time is helping though. One eats a varied array of different meals and the other a far more limited diet. I think worrying about their eating habits and making an issue out of it makes things worse though. Cutting fruit and raw veg into small pieces and leaving them on a plate is a great way to encourage kids to try and eat healthy foods. We also try and hide veg in family meals like Spaghetti Bolognese.
This is one of our favourite meals to eat as a family as it incorporates the monkeys favourite food type (pasta) and as mentioned above, the veg can be hidden in the meat sauce. The meal is nutritious too.
We also try and encourage the monkeys to help prepare food in the kitchen, be it baking or cooking. They have a kid safe knife to help with chopping, help to grate cheese, add tinned foods to the saucepan and generally like to get involved when time allows.
All these things help them to stay happy and healthy, whilst teaching them about the importance of healthy eating without their actually realising!
I'm hoping our relaxed but informed way of educating the monkeys on healthy eating will stand them in good stead as they get older.

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