Yes, we borrowed a beach hut in October!

I don't know about you, but I've always loved seeing rows and rows of beach huts at the beach, and I always have a sneaky little nose inside as I walk past along the promenade! Who doesn't hey? They come in so many different colours and their owners style them so differently. I've wanted one for such a long time. Have you seen how much they sell for though? So expensive and definitely not something we can consider ourselves! Shame, as I'd so be at home in one.
So, how did we get to use one yesterday then? A lovely couple we know, lent it us for the day. We'd been meaning to get the keys and go earlier back in the summer but things just got in the way. Friday saw me having a light bulb moment, the weekend forecast was set to be warm, so I asked hubby if he fancied asking if we could have the keys. Lucky we asked when we did, as the owners were getting ready to fly out on holiday! 
Once our day at the beach hut was secured, I felt so excited! I mean, who wouldn't like to set up camp in a beach hut, let the kids play on the beach, whilst having a cuppa, taking lots photo's and eating chips!
We arrived soon after midday Saturday armed with instructions on where to get water, how to start the gas stove and most importantly where to find the hut amongst the long row of them. Once we'd settled in the monkeys went onto the sand to play, I shuddered looking above at the dead spiders just hanging from the ceiling and we took lots of photo's. The weather was fantastic! 21 degrees and mostly sunny with lovely blue sky. We really couldn't believe our luck!
Here are a selection of the photo's we took! Sorry, there are quite a few but the scenery was just too lovely! 
Blue Sky
Beach huts
Looking out to sea
Another angle
Playing sand castles
Bucket and spade
Another shot
J is for Jo
More huts
Boy in a bucket
Along the promenade
Brothers playing
Sitting it out
Lovely family
We had such a fun family afternoon that money just cannot buy. It was so good to be enjoying the unseasonal autumn weather in such a beautiful place. I know we'll go back there and I'm so grateful we know such a generous couple who were more than happy to lend it us. Thank you so much.......we didn't want to leave! Have you ever borrowed or owned a beach hut? Would you?

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