Weekly Round Up #365 - Number 43

It's now half term, which meant a four day week for big monkey this past week. Nothing exordinary has happened but it's been a good week in all. Take a look at our week 43 round up to see photo's for days 292-298
Day 292. Yummy dinner from a local eatery we went to with the monkeys and in-laws.
Day 293. Big monkey's Lego head is full to the brim. Does he play with it all? Barely! 
Day 294. Not the best photo, and it faded fast! There was a double rainbow! 
Day 295. Inhis element in one of his favouite pink cars at soft play.
Day 296. Using his brothers 'old' scooter and getting to crips with it.
Day 297. Sadly a very grainy photo of a beaultiful evening sky. I must use my SLR camera more! 
Day 298. Much needed snack and hot cuppa after a morning watching big monkey play football in the chilly autumn sunshine!

A few poor quality photo's this week and a few more boring subjects but to be honest I've struggled! Big monkey is adverse to having his photo taken much of the time and the novelty has worn off on little monkey. I promise to try harder next week! 
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