#Project365 - Week 42

Two boys driving
Horsing around
Bat Cave
Beautiful Fushias
Autumn sunshine
Playing Mario Cart
All smiles
This last week has been so much fun with two family days out, some very unseasonal weather, 5 goals from the big monkey and a kiddie's sleepover! Here's my week 42 round up for days 285-291.

Family day at Diggerland and lots of fun had by all.
Spotted these horses on a walk after almost a whole day of rain.
Indoor play with the Bat Cave after our usual coffee and play meet with friends.
Some the the fushias in our front garden.
A glorious spot noticed on the drive home from the school run.
Concentrating so hard on his brothers Mario Cart game.
Great family day out at a friends beach hut in Frinton. Fabulous day and so warm too!

The temperatures have been in the low 20's these last few days.....crazy. We've really made the most of the warm and just got the beach trip in. I really thought we'd lost our chance the borrow the beach hut this year, so was delighted to visit today! As usaul we're linking up with the #365 linky.

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