Salmon & Brocoli pasta - A quick & easy make

Some time ago I saw an advert for Sweet Chilli Philadelphia and vowed to try the recipe they were putting it in. I've made this dish several times now and it's one of hubbies favourites. Very quick and easy to make.
Salmon fillets
Grated Cheese
Sweet Chilli Philadelphia
Pasta meal

Preparation and Cooking
This meal takes approximately half an hour to prepare and cook. I usually serve it immediately straight from the pan.
Cooking, Food
Cook enough pasta for the number of people eating.
Whilst that is cooking cook the brocoli. I used frozen florets this time.
Cook the salmon. It takes two minutes in the microwave.
Once the pasta is cooked, drain and leave in the pan.
Add the cooked salmon and cooked brocoli to the pasta and stir.
Add the Philadelphia to taste. I use two tablespoons.
Add the grated cheese and stir all the ingredients together.
Pasta, Philly, Brocoli and Salmon
Salmon and Brocoli pasta
Serve immediately. Eat as is, with crusty bread or a salad. I've added peas instead of brocoli in the past and I would say you could use any flavour combintions you wish. This is a filling and delicious dish, cooked as above with the ingrdients listed. Enjoy!


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