Tom and Jerry Tricky Trap House - Review

Big monkey has watched a few Tom and Jerry cartoons and really liked watching, which is great as we used to watch all the time growing up. When I was asked if we'd like to review the new Tom and Jerry Tricky Trap House, how could I refuse! The house from Flair is aimed at ages 3+ so ideal age wise for the monkeys. "The mischievous pair are right at home in this crazy house with many mechanical traps including the cartoon staples of the falling piano, fake floors and burst-through wall. Complete with two Tom and Jerry figures, to start re-creating capers immediately!" I set it up for their return after school and Preschool just recently and they were both keen to have a play.
Tom and Jerry
What's in the box?
A folding house
Tom and Jerry characters
A rocket
Fridge with two bottles
What does it do?
Trapping Jerry
Cheese capers
The clue is in the name really. The house is a tricky trap house with various trick features that Tom can use to trick Jerry, but of course Jerry won't be outwitted by Tom! 
A toy used to encourage kids to use their imagination and create fun and tricks for Tom and Jerry to explore. 
The house opens out so the inside can be seen. Sadly being plastic the monkeys quickly broke one of the hinges being a little heavy handed but this hasn't stopped play. 
Rocket blast off
Kids play
Place Jerry on the swing on the verranda and watch the swing collaspe as Tom looks on and laughs. Trap Jerry under a falling chandelier whilst he unwittingly waits for Tom.
Jerry and the chandelier
Tom and Jerry
Open the fridge and be knocked over by the surprise inside!
Watch Jerry fall through the shower floor and so much more.
The house is full of surprises and gave the monkeys a good giggle and shock once or twice.
The tricky trap house
Tricky trap house
Any improvements?
For me, it would make the whole surprise and shock factor greater if the house was battery operated and there were sounds! Being made from hard plastic, it could (and did) break so adult supervision and help may be necessary. 
What we loved
The fun factor and imagination it creates. 
The monkeys love playing with the house and it's something they will keep coming back to.
Jerry and the piano
Not suitable for children under 3yrs due to small parts. Its RRP is £27.99. You can see more from Flair here.
We're going on an adventure


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