Challenge Update!

Well, this week has been interesting! I've been cycling on a Wattbike, will be spinning tomorrow and have lost another 2.2lbs. Also broken a front tooth! Soft, non highly coloured foods and drink for me for a while then.
So, since I last updated you on my challenge I've been to the gym three times and at weigh in today I'd lost another 2.2lbs. So now that's a smidgen under 6lbs I've lost in two weeks. I'm happy with that and only 8lbs off my 1 stone goal before Christmas. 
After the gym yesterday I came home and feeling a little peckish I thought I'd have a banana. Maybe unusual but I usually start peeling the end of the skin with my teeth as often the skin is too tough to open! Yesterday I managed to break my tooth doing just this though. 
A quick dash to the dentist they managed to remove the broken one and have fitted a temporary tooth. I start dental work to replace it with a permanent one in December. Reason I'm saying this is they've said no coloured foods as the temporary tooth will discolour, so no curries, red wine, tomato soup etc. I suppose that makeS meal planning and healthy eating more interesting.

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