Disney Eye Found It Board Game - Review

A short while ago we were asked if we would like to review a fab family board game from Ravensburger by Disney. Family time is very important to us, so having checked the game would be something we could all enjoy, of course I said yes. 
Disney Eye Found It is for 1-6 players aged 4+. Little monkey is a little too young and small to play the game properly but he is quickly getting the gist of it.
The aim of the game is to beat the clock and get to the finish by taking turns to spin the dial.
The website says "Join Mickey and Friends on a magical journey through 12 different Disney realms, from Radiator Springs to Peter Pan's Never Land and Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood. Along the way, search for hidden treasures; there are over 1000 things to find! With the help of fellow players, race to Cinderella's castle at the end of the giant 6-foot game board before the hands of the clock reach midnight". 
What's in the box? 
One giant game board, six movers, one spinner, twelve Mickey ear markers, thirty search cards, one sand timer and instructions.

The board comes in three pieces which interlock together. No dice neccessary, each player takes it in turns to spin the dial and move their Disney character the number of spaces. If a player lands on a space with Mickey's head on, or the dial lands on Mickey's head the player must take a colour corresponding search card and everyone than has until the timer runs out, to search the board for the hidden treasure shown on the search card! You have to be quick as the timer runs out quickly! Also those hidden treausres are pretty hard to find! Remember to look all over the board though.
Once the hidden treasure has been found, the red plastic ears that have been placed on each treasure found on the board must be counted. Each player then moves their character that number of places. If a player spins the dial and it lands on a clock symbol, the clock at the top of the board at Cinderella's castle must been changed forward. Watch for shortcuts along the way and compete with the family to see who can get to the finish first before the clock strikes midnight.
I may have made it sound complicated but really it is not. We love this game and big monkey is always asking if we can play it! I think he has even mastered how not to cheat playing this game.
The 12 different Disney realms across the board are well known and current. The board is colourful, bright and fun. The box sectioned for the board and game pieces. The 6 character movers are 3D. Instructions are clear and we quickly got into the game the first time of playing. 
In conclusion a fabulous family board game that I think we'll be playing Christmas afternoon. It's RRP is £14.99 which I think is great value for valuable family time away from the TV and gadgets.
We're going on an adventure

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