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We were recently introduced to a skincare brand we had never heard of before - Mustela. The skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be since 1950. "Mustela offers a complete range of specially formulated skincare to best address the changes in the delicate skin of newborns, babies, children, mothers-to-be and new mothers.
Mustela is proud of its strong relationships with healthcare professionals to best provide safe and effective skincare for both you and your baby."
Obviously we no longer have babies but the monkeys have always tended to suffer with dry skin patches and in winter time I do too. So when we were asked if we would like to try some samples of course I was intrigued and agreed. 
Above is a selection of the Mustela products. Mr Monkey has been using the Stelatopia for dry skin/skin with atopic tendancy (Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics) on his face regularly since we got it. He suffers with red, dry skin patches either side of his nose, which often flairs up. The emollient has really helped to soothe his symptoms. 
The Dermo Cleansing soap free cleansing gel hair and bodywash (Mustela Bébé) is great on the monkeys skin in the bath. So far, even with the central heating on, their skin hasn't developed any dry skin patches.
The Physiobébé no-rinse cleansing fluid face and diaper area (Mustela Bébé) has been popular at bathtime too.
Why have we not heard of Mustela before I hear you say! It's only recently come to the UK!
The website offers a wealth of skin care tips and information. I love how they also do sun care products for babies and young children's skin. I'm going to look at getting some when we go off on our summer holiday next year! 
Why not take a look for yourself at the products and see for yourself what they do. There might be something for your little ones skin.

I was sent these samples in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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