Number 46 - Our weekly round up, #project365

I've still felt ill on and off but this week has seen me accept a challenge - to power up before Christmas. So I've been to the gym, have been eating healthily and am planning on getting fitter and slimmer! I've had enough of being too heavy! On a lighter note (excuse the pun!), all is as normal with the monkeys and we've been plodding along as usual. 
Here's our weekly round up of days 313-319
Day 313 - Castle. A quiet day at home. Still unwell I wasn't up to much, so the monkeys watched cartoons and played castles.
Day 314 - Lunch. It was rather tasty! Obviously this was before I accepted my challenge!
Day 315 - Truck. Another quiet day for little monkey, so he got his trucks and diggers out.
Day 316 - Window seat. Why he chose the windowsill instead of the sofa in front I'll never know! ;)
Day 317 - Bat Cave. Still loving their Imaginex Bat Cave, little monkey has a play.
Day 318 - Roses. Some of the flowers my lovely husband got me.
Day 319 - iPad. A lazy morning before a hectic afternoon at a softplay party!

We have been outside very little this week but big monkey managed to get very muddy at football after school Friday. Sadly his cross country at school was rained off! Little monkey got some puddle jumping in too! He even wore his wellies! 

Oh and I got Take That tickets!!!!!!! 
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