October Degustabox ~ What's in the Box?

Last week saw the delivery of our October Degustabox and as always I was excited to find out what was in it! I was not disappointed! 
This is 'what's in the box!'
That's some haul isn't it! Lots of yummy-ness and just my kind of goodies. Lets take a closer look.
Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf and Pain Au Lait with Choc Chips. Sliced loaf for ease of use and made like the traditional Brioche Pasquier rolls. Dark chocolate chips have been added to the pain au lait. Both these items did not last long at all in our house. Delicious.
Some of my favourite sweets! I love Jelly Belly jelly bean sweets and this handy sized pouch was not shared with a soul! Whoops! Did you know every bean can take up to 21 days to create? How do you eat yours? Individually or in a big flavour burst?!
We've yet to use these in baking but very much looking forward to doing so. Dr. Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder and Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate. Both NEW to Dr. Oetker's range. The extra dark chocolate is ideal for melting. The Cocoa comes in  pack of 3 premeasured 25g sachets with a free recipe card.
Special K Cracker Crisps are just delicious! These barbecue ones are so tasty. 60% less fat than other crisps and very moreish!
Enhance Drinks look so cute don't they! Packed with natural flavour and designed for the adult palate to add to water. Only 1 calorie per serving.
A really flavoursome flapjack. The Get Buzzing Original Nutty Bar is 100% natural, perfect for on the go snacking.
Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce is the UK's 'best tasting sweet chilli sauce'. We've yet to try it.
Degustabox Fridge: Inside the envelop is a voucher for any pack of four Benecol yogurt. Yet to rememeber to redeem this at the supermarket, it's on the 'must do list'. Greek style yogurts containing plant stanols, which is proven to significantly lower cholesterol in just 3 weeks.
This Solo Marshmallow Creme looks fun. Spreadable sweet marshmallow, that can be used in cooking or eaten on it's own. I shall hopefully be using it in the recipe, in this months box.
Sample Present: Bear Alphabites are crunchy cereal letters with no added nonesense. Made with 5 tasty grains. We love them here!
Bear Paws, a delicious pure fruit snack ideal for kids lunch boxes or a breaktime snack. An acquired taste but one I'm sure the monkeys will grow to love.
Kents Kitchen Bengal Meal Kits are a three step ingredients kit to a delicious meal in just 20 minutes. Just add a few fresh ingredients. There are five flavours in the range.

In our opinion another rather fab Degustabox offering a great range of food items to suit the family. New things to try with a few old favourites thrown in too. 
You can get £3 off the normal cost of a Degustabox with the code TFFSK. Happy tasting!

Sent to us for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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