Project 365 - Week 44

Wow. Just seven weeks until Christmas! Best I get some presents bought soon. I hate leaving it until the last minute. I think I'll be opting to do most of mine online. You? Half term week has been mixed with some busy days and a few quieter ones. Just how I like it! The monkeys need to get back into a routine now, lets just say they have lived up to their nickname this week!
Here's our week 44 round up for days 299-305.
Day 299. We traveled to London to meet my parents and primarily see the Poppies at the Tower of London. A sight to behold. More on our trip here!
Day 300. The neighbours took this review item in for us, so today we opened it and played. A quiet morning indoor at home, before I went off to work.
Day 301. The monkeys and I went into town with Nana, had lunch then ventured to the park. This is the boys playing shop!
Day 302. Another quiet day before I went to work again. Some rain too. Big monkey spotted our resident wild rabbit whilst glancing out the lounge window!
Day 303. This Lego Duplo board was a bargain at £3 so I had to snap it up for little monkey. Here he is starting a creation.
Day 304. This is AK from MyBuggyJunction, with MM and myself at the park in the glorious sunshine. The boys were nearby playing.
Day 305. Another glorious afternnon, so we went kite flying at the park. I think I've found my new hobby! It was so peaceful and calming!

I can't believe the weather we have had at times this week! It's November and we had bare arms in the sunshine this afternoon! Maddness!! How has your week been? Have the children been on half term where you are too?
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