#Project365 - Week 45

This week I've been feeling very tired and have had a head cold, so not an awful lot has been going on! Working Sunday and Monday PM, I met friends for coffee and cake Tuesday. Took the monkeys to their first ever fireworks display Friday and then to football this morning. Incidentally the monkeys decided they didn't want to stay to see the fireworks so after getting to last nights venue nice and early, we left 40 minutes before the fireworks at the end and missed the best bit! I used to love going as a child each year with my parents. Oh well, maybe next year!
Here's our photo's for days 306 to 312.
Day 306. I left these guys learning colours and reading Peppa Pig whilst I left for work!
Day 307. Big monkey eats loads of fruit, hoped this would keep him going a little while!
Day 308. View across the carpark early one morning when meeting friends for coffee and cake.
Day 309. A quick bit of construction from big monkey before school.
Day 310. A quick diversion on the way home from the school run. Too beautiful a day to go straight home.
Day 311. Closest we got to anything that looked remotely like a firework! One of the rides at the event. No getting any of us on that one! 
Day 312. Flowers still looking good from my treat bunch the other week. Love Lillies but they play havoc with Hubbies nose!
I forgot to say, we've broken the back of the Christmas shopping this week, which pleases me immensley. I hate leaving it too late! Have you started yet?
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