Sunshine Kite Flying!

The 1st of November and the weather was sunny and oddly warm! 18 degree's in the afternoon sun. Of course this meant we just had to get out and about, so we went to one of our favoutite local parks. Whilst I was at work the other day the monkeys went kite flying, so were keen to have another go and show mummy!
The park is full of the signs of Autumn and I just love the colours of the leafs on the trees by the carpark. The monkeys run off with Daddy to set the kite up, so I had to grab a few snaps.
Look at the weather! Such clear blue sky and shadows on the grass. Usually sunny days this time of year are cold ones. Not this time though! 
I think we only paid about £10 for this kite a few summers ago and surprisingly it flys really well. Just goes to show, you don't need to spend too much to have fun! 

Little monkey was especially proud to be flying a kite and I captured this fab photo of him showing us his happy proud face. Soon after this was taken I think he and big monkey wandered off to get very muddy in the grass. That's when I took over the kite flying! I loved it and kept the kite up, watching it blowing around in the wind for what seemed like ages.
Finally I gave the kite up, so the monkeys, daddy and I could go for a walk and grab a drink at the other end of the park, before the sun set. By that point the monkeys trainers and jeans were pretty wet and muddy and now the lights on little monkeys trainers no longer flash! 
After a great afternoon the sun began to set and we headed off home, suitably wind sweept, muddy and having made the most of the sunshine. I think I'm rather partial to kite flying now. It's quite relaxing! 

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