A look back over 2014 and Hopes for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, I sit and reflect over the year. It's been pretty good I'd say. Sad to begin with with the funeral of my last remaining Grandparent but good overall otherwise. Work continues to be good for Daddy. 
Big monkey has loved playing for an under 7's football team with his mates and is doing really well. He loves school and made the transistion into year 2 really well. I can't belive he'll be staring year 3 in juniors next year! It only seems five minutes ago since he started school.
Big monkey had a successful operation on his ears to fit grommets back at Easter. His speech and development have improved so much since then. He continues to be my lively little monkey but I wouldn't have him any other way. Preschool is going well for him and he loves it. 
I have spent most of the year doing what Mums do but am delighted to have started exercising and eating healthy in a bid to get the old me back and lose some weight. I feel so much better for it, both mentally and physically. 
We've enjoyed some great family days out and have just enjoyed doing what families do! Highlights include hubby and I getting a child free weekend away in Suffolk, taking the monkeys on a break back at Easter to the Suffolk Coast and visiting London to visit the Poppies at Tower of London. Of course there were many more highlights.  Too many to include!
Next year looks set to be a good one! Starting with little monkey turning four, he is having a party which I need to start planning. I intend to continue to exercise regularly and lose more weight, which will hopefully result in a big clothes shopping spree! 
We have a family holiday already booked which I cannot wait to go on. Little monkey starts school next September and his brother moves up into Junior School. 
I will find both those milestones pretty emotive but of cousre they will happen so I have to embrace the change. Maybe I'll find myslef another job or more work once they are both settled in? Finally I hope the blog continues to grow and grow and continue to move in the right direction. How has 2014 been for you? Anything big happening in 2015?
Happy New Year one and all and thank you so much for reading.

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