Batteries Not Included

I'm not sure about you but we've bought at least one of the monkey's toys that require batteries over Christnas. Of course being super organised I do have some ready (and I got more today, just in case). Duracell have kindly sent me some too. Have you got your batteries? Don't forget the batteries, or there could be tears on Christmas day and not just from the kids!
89% of UK children have received a battery operated toy at Christmas with batteries not included…whilst 71% of parents admitted that they have forgotten to buy those all-important batteries!

Luckily Duracell are on hand to help parents avoid Christmas morning disappointment! They have a selection of batteries for all sorts of different shaped and sized toys. Take a look and get them bought tomorrow, before it's too late and you get those tears!! I'm looking forward to using our batteries on this baby!
Happy Christmas Everyone.
I was sent some batteries for the purpose of this post.

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