Christmas Our Way!

Well, what a busy time we have had! My parents arrived for Christmas on the 18th December, big monkey finished school on the 19th and then we began our Christmas celebrations. 
We had a fab family meal out on the Friday night, which saw the monkeys being very well catered for and looked after, so they didn't get bored whilst the adults tucked into their 3 course meal. A late night for the monkeys but all good fun.
The Saturday night saw hubby and I eating out with friends, whilst my parents baby sat. A lovely evening and great to get out as a couple for a change. 
On the Sunday we all went to Audley End Railway for the Santa Special which was awesome. We all loved it.
Tuesday my Dad and I took the monkeys on the Gruffalo Trail at Thorndon Park. The idea was to keep them busy and blow away the cobwebs. We did both! Another great outing and Grandad, who had never been before loved it there.
On Christmas Eve we all went to the cinema to watch Paddington, How awesome is that film?! We thought it was great fun and then the monkeys saw Santa and his sleigh soon after on the way home. Impeccable timing, thanks ISS! Now I have to say I was as excited as the boys were about seeing that.
After the monkeys had got into their new PJ's they left milk out for Santa, a carrot for the reindeer and a mince pie or two for Santa also. Little monkey left some reindeer food outside glistening in the moonlight. Then off to bed they went on the most exciting night of the year.
At exactly 3.33am on Christmas morning I was woken by the dulcet tones of both monkeys loudly exclaiming that it was Christmas Day. You can guess what happened next. They were ushered back to bed with a quick "yes, but he might not have been yet", which seemed to be enough to get them back to sleep until a slightly more reasonable hour! 
We were all downsatirs soon after 6am though, opening presents and trying hard to keep both monkeys calm....an almost impossible task! It was a delight to see their faces upon opening their presents delivered by Santa that they had asked for. Just priceless. 
My Dad cooked a fab tradional roast Christmas dinner with all the trimmings which we sat down to eat about 1pm and then the rest of the day was spent eating yet more food, drinking and playing with the monkeys and their new toys. We were all shattered by bedtime! 
Boxing Day was a quiet one, Saturday the inlaws came for tea and today we've been to see friends in Surrey. So there you have it, a snap shot of our family Christmas! 
How was yours?

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