Christmas Past

 Photo Credit: Pic Monkey
Sat here with my parents whilst the monkeys are in bed, we are chatting about Christmas' past and our memories. Family favourites and what Christmas means to us! We all agree it was/is about spending time with family and remembering those no longer with us. Christmas has to be my most favoured time of the year and I'm hoping the monkeys will feel the same as they get older.
Growing up, I remember so many differnet things about Christmas. Looking for hidden presents from my parents Santa and even unwrapping them for a sneaky peek, waiting for my Dad to finish work on Christmas Eve so the festivities could begin, watching my Mum put out bowls of sweets, nuts and fruit on Christmas Eve. We were never allowed to eat them before then! Everything was magical and of course it still is! 
One of my favoutite memories has to be of my beloved Grandad pretending to have hidden first a sixpence and then a pound coin inside the Christmas Pudding. He would make my twin brother and I believe that the coin was already inside the pudding, when infact he sneaked it in, so that we both got one. God love him.
I'm really hoping that by making Christmas special for the monkeys, we are creating fantastic memories they will relay to their families when they are older.
Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Little Tikes 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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