How To Make A Snowman With Ready To Roll Icing

Get into the Christmas spirit by creating a ready to roll icing snowman to top off your cakes this winter.
Can you hear the sleigh bells yet? Not quite, but with the supermarket shelves crammed with Christmas treats (since before Halloween!), it’s definitely time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Winter is a great time to make cakes to enjoy in the cold over a cup of hot coffee, and it also offers an opportunity to get creative with ready to roll icing.
The options when it comes to modelling cake toppers are almost limitless, but why not try your hand at a snowman first. With simple shapes and bold colours they are relatively easy to assemble and look cute and Christmassy perched on top of any kind of cake.
Ingredients For Your Ready To Roll Icing Snowman
We’ll be making a classic snowman with a black hat, coal eyes, smile and buttons and a carrot nose plus a little green and red scarf for some colour. So you’ll need the following packs of ready to roll icing:
100g white icing
100g black icing
100g red icing
100g green icing
You’ll also need some cooled boiled water to stick the parts of the snowman together.
How To Make Your Ready To Roll Icing Snowman
Firstly, lightly dust your work surface with icing sugar. You may also need to coat your hands with a little as you work as ready to roll icing can become quite sticky when it warms up.
Take your white ready to roll icing and knead it until it becomes pliable. Split it into thirds. Take one piece and divide it into two pieces, about two thirds of which will be the body and the remainder the head.
Roll the white icing into balls and then stick them together using cooled boiled water.
Take 10g of black ready to roll icing. Knead it and then roll into a ball. Using your fingers flatten the top and bottom to form a cylinder, this will serve as the snowman’s hat.
Take another piece of black icing, roll it into a ball and then squash it into a disc. Attach the cylinder into the middle of the disc to form the snowman’s hat.
Stick this to the snowman’s head.
Next, let’s add the eyes, smile and buttons. All you need to do is roll out several small balls of black ready to roll icing and fix them in place.
The scarf is made using two intertwined strips of red and green ready to roll icing. Just roll out a small piece of each into a thin sausage and then carefully twist them together and drape around the snowman.
And finally, the nose. Take some white icing and red icing and knead them together until you get the shade of orange you need. Roll it into a ball and then gently pinch it out until it forms a cone. Glue it into place using your cooled boiled water.

There are all kinds of wintery cake toppers you can make with ready to roll icing but this snowman is a simple and cute starting point. Happy holidays everybody!

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